27/4/15 - RBR systems publishes a new digital shopping revolution article, dont forget to follow us @yahjatweet

13/3/15 - Twitter Page up over 1500 followers, thanks guys! @yahjatweet (now over 4500!!!! 27/4/15)

4/4/15 - Facebook page is under way see here www.facebook.com/yahja.com

24/2/15 - Development is coming along slowly but surely, we hope to be Beta testing before the summer! More news on functionality soon.

30/1/15 - Follow us on @yahjatweet

1/1/15 - Yahja the #independentretail revolution we are developing a #digitaltool for the indie shop whilst helping #community orgs too. Stay tuned for launch details @yahjatweetto keep up to the minute on breaking news.