'Beta' Now Commencing Register Your Business Now!

Register your business details now and we will provide you with a free searchable business listing for users to search for you on our search page by description and location. It can also be found by Google! Click the Registration picture above.

With your details registered and once we have completed the development, very soon you will be able to log in using the details you have provided at registration to a control panel and start using some of Yahja's functionality for free. Don't worry we will email you when its ready.

Then the revolution comes with the mobile APPS just a little later on!

Just click the banner above and you will be taken to a registration panel then within 5 minutes you will be able to search your own listing right away!

Get your description right first time as you wont be able to change it again until we can provide you with a log in.

You may be one of the first so don't worry if all you see in the search is your business!

email us with any queries


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