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Register your business details now and we will provide you with a free searchable business listing for users to search for you on our search page by description and location. Click the registration picture above.

It can also be found by Google! With your details registered once we have completed the development very soon, you will be able to log in, using the details you have provided, to a control panel and start using some of the functionality for free. Then the revolution comes with the mobile APPS later on!

Just click the banner above and you will be taken to a registration panel, within 5 minutes you will be able to search your own listing right away!

Get your description right first time as you wont be able to change it again until we can provide you with a log in, remember you could be the first to register! There wont be many business' on yet! This is the beginning.

Yahja is a cost effective marketing and communication tool for independent retailers, companies, associations, community groups and schools.

From research we know that the association between local businesses and organisations including independent retail stores is rapidly changing and we have a clear understanding how smartphones and tablets can assist in driving traffic to achieve sales and to increase customer service. The owners of small businesses have limited time and budgets but to stay ahead it is vital that they have the ability to communicate with their existing and potential customers.

For independent retailers footfall has always been the answer – location, location, location. This is changing and fast. Digital can generate genuine and qualified traffic. At RBR Systems we believe this to be the answer for all local businesses to increase their footfall and generate an increase in revenue.

From our research we know that consumers are spending more than fifteen hours every week on smartphones and tablets. Devices that allow them to quickly find and digest information at a time and place that is convenient to them. This change is affecting everything for small businesses and organisations. The answer is simple: Make the sale happen.

With over ninety per cent of customers now starting their purchase journeys online and with fifty per cent of consumers visiting a local business if it has had exposure on their smartphone it is becoming more important than ever to generate an online awareness.

We understand that independent retailers and small business owners do not have large marketing teams and large budgets available for online advertising but for success to be achieved it is important that all companies and organisations create an online awareness of what they are offering.

Local retail stores are fantastic as they offer consumers the chance to make purchases quickly. The trick here is to create and drive the footfall and not wait for the door to open. Tablets and smartphones are the answer and should not be seen as a threat.

The answer is to understand digital traffic and how it can easily generate footfall. The businesses and organisations that connect with their customers will be the winners.

If you would be interested to discuss how Yahja from RBR Systems could generate footfall for your business or organisation then please make contact using hello@yahja.com